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March 15, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Animals? Nickelback

Smoke on the Water ? Deep Purple

One Way Ticket to Hell ? Darkness

No More Mr. Nice guy ? Megadeath

He?s a Woman ? Scorpions

Hero ? Chad Kroger (someone told me, love would all save us)

Born to be Wild ? Steppen Wolf (like a true nature?s child, we were born, born to be wild)

Ballroom Blitz ? Krokus

The Song Remains the Same? Led Zeppelin

Trouble ? Ian Gilliam

Man on the Silver Mountain ? Rainbow

Livin on the Edge ? Aerosmith

Rock Star ? Nickelback

Long Road to Ruin ? Foo Fighters

Closer to the Heart ? Rush

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Been a Long Time Since ? Led Zeppelin

Here I Go Again -White Snake (should be my theme song)

Break Through ? Queen

Spirit ? Magnum

What Ever You Want ? Status Quo

Fear of the Dark ? Iron Maiden

Dallas 1 PM ? Saxon

Back in Black ? AC/DC

Cats in the Cradle ? Ugly Kid Joe (I knew it)

Kill the King ? Rainbow

Waterloo Sunset ? Def Leopard

Stairway to Heaven ? Led Zeppelin

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