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Polling day

inky pete

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I thought it was traditional for candidates to refrain from campaigning on polling day.


If so, how come both the Lib Dems and Tories shoved a small Amazonian rainforest through my door today?


No sign of the candidates or their representatives IN PERSON, of course, but there's been no sign of any of them on the doorsteps all campaign - might lead to them being asked too many questions they have no answers to!

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had a message on my answer machine from the labour walla asking me to go and vote. this was followed up by a knock on the door some hours later (probably wondering if i had got the phone message) :lol::lol:


good job the recycling bin got emptied today otherwise i would be swamped with leaflets. :shock::twisted:

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The LibDems were offering to give lifts to people to the polling stations to vote.


There was a case a while back where a pub landlord was fined for offering free lifts to and from his pub to people drinking and eating.


I phoned the taxi licensing office this morning to ask if it was right that the LibDems were trying to coerce people into voting for them by offering free lifts.


He did agree that it was a bit of a grey area, but as the parties were not allowed to ask who you intended to vote for, it was perfectly possible that someone would vote Labour or Tory after getting a lift to the polling station off the LibDems.....


He did also say that if the Libdems won, they (the taxi licensing bit) would have to bring a possible prosecution against their bosses!!


Just a bit of fun.... but I thought a valid point had to be raised!

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