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Should the burger be banned?


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Well, if someone glued one to his face, he could easily escape the country or rob a bank without being identified. They are not part of British Heritage, but a nasty import from the US, so they undermine our cultural cohesion and worst of all, they are being forced on unwilling spouses by dominant partners.


Yes. Ban them and free our future generations. Rid us of this threat. After all, when in Rome..... and I ask you, is the Pope EVER seen in McWimpy King?

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Cos Obs doesn't like links..... and Fuggy likes messing with his mind!


Haha, interesting idea but Baz is nearer the mark, not sure how to put pics on here without hotlinking.


when you post the link in your reply, just highlight it and click the "img" button, it puts "img" in quotes at each end of the link and that will then display a picture rather than just the link!


probably just like you do when you put stuff in italics only it puts "img" instead of just "i"

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