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Close Relationships?


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In breeding was always a problem with European Royal families hence genetic problems such as the Hapsburg Jaw. When my first wife was training to be a doctor back in the early 80s, she did some training in the Rotherham area....and I remember her coming home rather shocked and telling me that incest was rampant in that area. :(


PS I was rather impressed by Mr Woolass having the guts to talk about a most important issue.....sensitive or otherwise.....seems as though he has had some death threats already....guess the truth hurts.


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can somone who knows better than I explain whats wrong with first cousins breeding ???


I am probably simplifying the issue but it seems to me ....


lets say one family line is A and the other is B


A+B= child AB 50% A gene pool and 50% B gene pool


lets say uncle B meets auntie C

they have child BC


if AB & BC got together (first cousins), wouldn't this now make


ABC creating greater diversity in the pool at 33.3% average (obviously there would be dominant genes but I dont think you can specify which this would be) obviously less than the ideal abcd but still more than ab+ab.


or if not and proportions remained it would create BBAC but that still only a maximum of 50% B which is the same as any standard non related parents.


I will declare that I have no personal vestment in this since my mother was local and my father a londoner, my wife being scottish so i come from a family of very mixed genes.


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We know that intermarriage of first cousins can cause genetic problems. It used to be unlawful in this country unless special dispensation was obtained. The point is that this M P was remarking specifically about this practise in Pakistan, where it is more or less the norm. That is why the issue is described as "sensitive", the government is terrified of upsetting the Muslim community.

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More or less the norm in Pakistan? Oh please....it tends to occur mainly in the pockets of rural regions....cousin marriage is not normal practice so please don't stereotype a whole country with a sweeping generalisation....thanks.


Surely the UK is going to face an even worse problem in the future with brothers and sisters potentially mating thanks to anonymous sperm donation. If you have no idea who your biological father is then how do you know you're not "getting it on" with your sibling? Likewise for adopted children - if their biological parents have had more children and not declared it there's every chance that siblings can end up in couples like the twins who married each other. How come no one appears to comment on that?

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Fair comment HL; but I think the reason no one has latched on to your point is (a) it is a random and unknown factor: EG. With casual relationships now the norm, a guy could father kids by several women, then these half-brothers/sisters grow up meet and perhaps unknowingly mate. :o and (B) criticising the current cultural promiscous norm may lose some votes for a politician; and how are they supposed to end it?! :o :confused:

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