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Huddersfield Chicken Out


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I dont believe for one minute that Brett Hodgson could not have played in the two games coming up against warrington.


They have obviously pulled him out as they know that the wire fans will have a field day singing his name ala Ryan Atkins last season.


I would love to know who leaked this story, was it wire in the hope of causing maximum disruption to huddersfield in the run up to the cup game or was it Hodgson because he was annoyed with huddersfield for not giving him the deal he wanted?


The timing of all this is not just a coincidence thats for sure.

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Who will be replacing Lunt?


Someone who is arguably one of the main dangers and always seems to have a good game against warrington.


Hodgson has been pulled due to the recent revelations, if he played and had a poor game the huddersfield would be accusing him of all sorts. In reality there is no way he could play against warrington for the remainder of this season.

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It certainly seems like a fair few teams used the 'magic' weekend to rest a few players before the important challenge cup games the following week.


Priorities in the right order if you ask me.

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