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Return to the River - it's worth it !!!


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In 2009 Archaeologist & Historian James Balme wrote two films about his exploits as he investigated river archaeology looking for evidence from the ancient settlement that may have been lost or deposited in a nearby river ...



well now James has returned to the river to look for more evidence from the settlement ... and guess what ? He found it in quantity !!! With the discovery of animal bones clearly showing signs of butchery and cast into the river after feasting at the settlement evidence goes to show that the area was clearly active during previous centuries on the land.

But it was as James climbed the steep embankment from the river that he found an ancient polished arrowhead lying in the sands, unfinished but clearly a well worked piece of polished stone ... imagine how during ancient times this arrow was the centre of attention for someone at the settlement who had made it their task to produce a masterpiece only to loose it before it could be completed !!!

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