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Anyone want any long ladders - FREE WA4


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Probably get in touble from Gary for this...


But does anyone want any extending wooden ladders FREE.


Need to go ASAP either tonight or tomorrow at the latest cos they are in the way and don't want to leave them in the yard for security reasons... I dont think my freecycle account is working as I've had no replies :?


In 2 sections, wooden uprights with metal rungs. Each section about 9 foot long with 11 rungs on each and can be used seperate or together as extending ladders.


Old but very sturdy and in v good condition so too good for the tip and we never use them :oops::wink:


PM me if you want them and I'll give you my address and contact number (no stalkers or weirdos please :lol::lol::lol::wink: )

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Ha ha very funny but thought you'd all be a bit quicker than that :P:P


Just thought they may be useful to someone as we don't need them.


PS Sue... I'm not trying to sell them I'm giving them away for FREE....


Suprised that no female posters want them for their hubbies now the weather is getting better.. can understand the men on here not wanting them though as DIY may interfere with their free time :lol::wink:


Not to worry I'll take them to the tip tomorrow but that's my recycling score for this weekend down one point but up another 4 for other stuff so still winning (I am having a competition with myself :lol: )

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Could be your lucky day Wingy (or not if you were just trying to appear interested incase Mrs Wingy was reading :lol::lol: )


I didn't take them to the tip today as it was closed :roll: by the time the other half came home with the 'roof rack' car.


Yours if you want them as they will have to be here for a few more days now :lol::D:P

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Don't push your luck cos I might send Mr Dizzy instead :P:lol::wink:


Apart from which I don't think I'm brave enough to be the star of one of your wacky tales of the day... :lol:


I can see it now... "Dizzy reached up daintily (ok so probably not :lol: ), and gently untied the strapping when ................. !?!?!?"

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ooeer missus :shock:


will all be revealed in the next instalment.? :shock::shock::shock:


will wingy manage to slurp his tea in a dignified manner?


will his mam's new window cleaning endeavour get off the ground?


who was that mysterious figure seen on the church roof at midnight?


the answer to these questions more will probably never be answered due to censorship. :oops::oops::twisted:

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I lived to tell the tale... which I'm not going to tell in full detail.


So in short ......


Straps were a bit tricky at first.....then over an hour in the bath when I got home.... boil wash for the clothes so hopefully they will be ok if not the bin men come tomorrow.... and we wont mention the furry little friend and trouser legs will we Wingy just incase it re-appears later on tonight.


Wine goes striaght to my head yer know HIC so lucky I remembered that much :lol::wink:

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Thanks Dis, your welcome.

Well as you can gather, Dissy true to her word turned up with the ladders. I really did try to get her to give me a demonstartion on how to safely climb up them. But there was no way on this earth that Diss was going up a ladder with someone like me stood behind her. Sorry lads, I really did try, but she was having none of it :D


Your furry little friend will be our secret Dis. :wink:

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You trying to get me in trouble Wingy :shock::P


I don't believe you for one second cos she looks a lot younger than you 8):P


PS Furry now seems to have finally got the message and has wandered off with his nuts... PHEW ......(unless of course :shock::cry::shock: )

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Oh, sorry, Dis. I've only just seen this. I'd have warned you about the ferret and offered to lend you my biohazard suit. Wisest with Wingy - it's guaranteed to keep all known irritants at bay. :lol:


Boil wash won't save your kit. It's something to do with maggots and tying your flies, but once it gets on your clothes, it defies detergents. And chemical analysis.... :shock:

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