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England and the England Coach.

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More of a general rugby related topic this one - The England Coach.


It's been confirmed as Steve Mcnamara and Ive got to say I'm quite puzzled... He's not an established coach, he's won nothing and doesn't really have a good pedigree with Bradford were he was closed to being sacked last year, yes he's young and English but in the grand scheme of things that means nothing.


What happened to wanting a full-time coach ??


Wasn't that one of the reasons blamed for us doing nothing the passed 10 years yet were reverting back to part-time... anybody any suggestions on who they'd have chosen ???


For me it needs to be someone who's been there played it and won it, someone who can install the passion, pride and willingness to do well for your country that the team once had.. the likes of Gregory, Hanley and Edwards.... or is the players to blame ?? lets face it they had the best coach in SL coaching them and still done nothing, do we believe this Leeds/Saints divide ???

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I'm puzzled with the 'not having won anything and not far from the sack last year' bit, but I believe that he will leave the Bulls at the end of the season. The RFL didn't want to leave them without a Coach partway through the year. I'll bet Jimmy Lowes is interested in this.


Excellent idea he would be ideal for the Bradford job ! Lets do a "Trojan Horse" and destroy the enemy from within (no need to tell Jimmy our subtle plan) :wink:

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Have to agree, was completely under whelmed by this appointment, it said in one paper that he is going to be doing the job full time at the end of this season, but as other posters have said he has no pedigree.


You almost get the feeling that there were not many quality candidates interested in this post which is disappointing for the English international setup.

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