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Walton Gardens


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:?:?: Sorry did I say something wrong again :oops:

It never bothers me if people know who I've voted for and I can never understand why it is all so secretive anyway.


No, Dizzy, it's simply that Bob Barr is the Council Member in control of Property Services, the department responsible for making the list of Warrington's assets to be considered for sale. Including our Community Centre, which he refers to as the ugliest building in Lymm. I'm thrilled he's still in there representing us on the issue and I prefer not to know which of my neighbours saw to it..... :lol:

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Doing a bit of poking about before speaking to anyone at WBC next week, I found this:




So I'm posting the link, as promised. I'm making no comment, cos I can do without being shouted at again. I said I'd share, so I have - read it and make up your own minds. (It's the document put out by WBC, via Humberts, to invite interest, and available to anyone. Anyone reading the WBC news page in June 2009 was directed to the right bloke at Humberts. Well worth a read - all the income is listed, the covenant explained, the ideas properly laid out....).


I found the project listed in the Regeneration Framework too - published in 2009, still on warrington.gov.uk , saying:

? Walton Hall Park and

Gardens project - a major

sub-regional park and visitor

destination, complete with

a hotel, conference and events

venue and a centre of

horticultural excellence. A

resource for local people as

well as visitors.


Like I said, no comment - just sharing what I found, as promised.

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