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Where do the re-signings leave Clarke?

fat belly

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With the great news about Mickey Higham and Simon Grix re-signing, where does this leave Jon Clarke?


Higham takes the hooker spot and Grix takes a place at 13 or utility player. I don't think Jon is a 2nd row or a replacement halve nor do I think he would wait on the sidelines for injuries to happen.


So if you were Jon Clarke where would you see your future when fit.

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Clarke and Mathers are both bobbins.... HMS Clarke has never been a good hooker, to slow and he hasn't got the brain that Cunningham, Roby, Diskin and Newton had to name a few, scrap heap for him next year.


Mathers has been terrible... mistakes against KR in the cup last year, Cas, Hudds, Saints and Hull FC so far this year, the club cant afford to carry him in a position that's vital to the team... He's good at telling others how to do there jobs but cant do his own... Sell him next year if not this.

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Clarke has never been a good hooker,


This is either your first season or you know nowt about the game.


LMFAO one of the 52 slated


Clarke has to be one of the worst Hookers in SL, He should not be given another contract !

As for Mathers he showed a lot of promise when he came but I prefer a fullback who can beat the first defender every now and again something which he is missing from his game , most fullbacks spin into the first tackler he just runs into him like a car crash ! not good Richie sort it out fella or your gone IMO !




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Clarke is not good enough for the wolves anymore, i fully expect him to move on to a lower placed SL team or a decent NL1 team.


Thats if he doesn't decide to sit on his lucrative warrington contract for another two years - cullen needs shooting for that.

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