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A Public and Stakeholder Engagement Officer


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Do you know what a "Public and Stakeholder Engagement Officer " is?


Would you want a "Public and Stakeholder Engagement Officer "?


Did you know we already had a "Public and Stakeholder Engagement Officer "?


Well neither did I until I had a reply after responding to a story on the main site...... http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/7812/1/NHS-patients-champion-appointed/Page1.html#postedcomment


Apparently the "Public and Stakeholder Engagement Officer " has also now taken on the role as the "Local NHS patients champion" !!!


Please read the article and then read the response from "NHS Warrington" and tell me if they have dug the hole even deeper...... because to me they are defending the indefensible and are wasting even more money. This chap who is now the "Local NHS patients champion" has probably had his salary increased by the amount of a couple of nurses annual wages to do this new non job!!


You couldn't make it up!

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It's probably just another daft name for another daft job description which has been created but not really needed but that sounds good on paper :lol:


Have come across these so called 'champion' positions before although not in the same area of work.


Warrington had a 'Heritage Champion' not so long ago but trying to find a contact name was tricky. Luckily English Heritage came to the rescue and provided the full details of the persons name, contact details etc etc from their database.


We contacted the person within the council and they were shocked as they didn't know the position existed and were even more shocked to be told that THEY WERE the appointed Heritage Champion for Warrington and should have been monitoring local heritage, liasing with English Heritage, the planning department over all things 'heritage' wise :roll::roll::lol: No wonder warringtons heritage is in such a mess eh :roll:

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