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Early Bird?

Peter T

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Saw some meself over the weekend Peter, and also Sand Martins. I got talking to a couple of twitchers, they said they were the first they had seen this year.


How about a competition for the first person to hear a Cuckoo? I had one perched no more than 30 yds away from me last year. They say it always ends it's song with a Cuck minus the Koo. Not true though as I sat and listened to it for half an hour. A very stream lined bird and greyish in colour.


The Barn Owl is back not too far from it's usual place at the Res. Along with a small Owl. Have you seen them?

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Discussing Cuckoos with a mate of mine at the weekend. He reckons we should be hearing the first Cuckoo in the next two weeks or possibly early May considering the cold Winter we have just come through.


Reed Warblers will be migrating from Africa and this is possibly when the Cuckoos follow them over to use their nests as there own. It is over a large reed bed where we usually spot a Cuckoo, probably on the lookout for a new home.


Crested Grebes were doing their ritual courtship dance on the lake this week. Extending and intertwining their necks around each other.

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