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Why Birchwood


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it is just as confusing to us as live here. i recently found out that my area has been lumped in with bewsey ,howley and latchford and is now classed as warrington south for election purposes despite being at least half a mile north of the town centre :?


think birchwood was started around the mid/late seventies early eighties. i remember them putting the islands in whilst i was still an apprentice at risley which was around 76/77ish. was one of the first to have to use them. was on my way in to work and was stopped by the police who told me that the old road had been closed as of seven that morning and that all traffic had to use the new roads.

had to wait ten minutes as they had not opened the new road before closing the old one as a result was five minutes late for work and nearly got docked half a days pay for it. luckily one of the instructors was a few cars behind me and backed my story up.

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Whatever happened to Latchford and Orford. Everything seems to be called Birchwood now. When did that happen?


When online maps and the likes of google appeared. Have noticed a few times when typing in Warrington it says do you want 'Warrington in Birchwood' or 'Warrington in Cambridge' etc.

Odd :?

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Well, it's rather a relief to know that the situation is just as confusing for people still living in Warrington. I notice that Howley doesn't seem to exist anymore either. I remember there being an off licence there in the old days that my dad used to cycle to. As I recall, all the streets were cobbled then. I can't even figure out where it used to be now when looking at maps.

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