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Town v Harrogate


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3-1 to Warrington, decent performance, waiting for you to come on here and have an unecessary go at all and sundry as you normally do.

I have reviewed alll my postings on here relating to Warrington Town and don't know why people have been so offended?

Clearly my comments are not welcome so I will button it and leave it up to the rest of you to create some interesting debate on Town.

More activity in the Wolves section now - which is a proper sport any way!

Farewell and good luck for the rest of the season!


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Hardwick and Tommo look solid again at the back, with duffy and corrigan on the wings is a very strong back 4...the two southport lads are certainly future potential and would be great to keep them here next season on loan.


Gahgan well we all know he is a goal machine, if salmon and chetcuti can bag a few more to support gahgan then we have a real strike force to threaten teams with. Just the Left and Right Midfield need sorting now for me.


A must signing next season is someone who can put a dangerous cross in from outwide and from set pieces as this is lacking, corners never threaten defence, freekicks out wide never come to anything, need a good crosser of the ball, but again thats just my opinion.

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Now that he has pi***d everyone off including the manager, as revealed in last nights program, he is off, oh well sure he won't be missed.


Thought he would have been made of sterner stuff.

Poor old Paul Cullen got it in the neck with personal abuse on a daily basis from thousands of fans.

Once you go into management you have to take the ruff with the smooth.

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Good result for the boys, yeh defence does look solid and young Sam had a good game with a midfielder shooting at last. We had about a five minute spell playing good football on the deck but a lot of the game was a long ball up to the front lads, perhaps Joey has decided that the pitch can't be trusted at the moment for passing football as the bobbles can make you look daft,still we adapted quite well. Thought Ben Connett deserves a mention pulled off some great saves last night. roll on Saturday

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