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Upside down!

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Revelations by the NUT, that kids are being placed on interview boards for teaching jobs, just about sums up the extent that sanity has evaporated in our society. Reports that one kid asked a job candidate to sing a song - she refused - she didn't get the job or the kid who said an applicant was too fat - she didn't get the job; indicate the level of anarchic nonesense that prevails. :twisted:

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Totally agree with you and the NUT, Observer. I seem to recall a senior academic....from I think the University of Bournemouth :? defending the policy on a radio 4 interview. Makes you despair.


Maybe they should concentrate on ensuring that rising numbers of youngsters aren't leaving the education system, for all intents and purposes, innumerate and illiterate.

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i first thought this was going to be about those new jml tomato thingies :oops:


did read about this one and what baffled me was that the children who were chosen to do the interviews were ones that were most disruptive in classes. it will give them a sense of responsibility and help their self esteem was the reason given :?

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