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Health foods?


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Yes, but the thing you have to watch is the bacteria in standing water. Does the plant no harm, but will do you a mischief. Hence the need for clean water and also the need to be incredibly careful if you pick from the wild, because a contaminated or dirty stream might also be dangerous to you.


Eagle, I buy water in Tesco cos it has bubbles in it that have nothing to do with soap or bottoms. :wink:

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He's an ethnobotanist though - growing his own plants for use is his job as well as his hobby. Most of us are going to have to settle for things you plant and leave til you want to eat them. We grow herbs, salad leaves, tomatoes, apples, pears, strawberries, peas and beans, plus sunflowers for the birds and sprouts for the caterpillars! I suppose if you were serious about watercress you could set up a fairly simple pump and filter that kept the water moving and clean..... for about the price of three years' Tesco product! :lol:

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