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The Easter Campaign .... Unearthing History


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:shock: For the first time ever join Archaeologist & Historian James Balme as he broadcasts 'Almost Live ' from his four day Easter Campaign 2010 targeting the Ancient Settlement in Cheshire in search of more evidence left in the soils by our ancient ancestors !! Each day will reveal new & exciting artefacts as they are lifted from the soils of Cheshire .. This promises to be a unique experience here on Youtube ... Watch this space .



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Great stuff Indy.... :D Hurry up with day 2's report ... I am eagerly waiting to see what you found today :D


Probably a daft question but as I have no idea about how an expensive metal detector works I'm sure you will forgive my stupidity :oops:


....do you use different metal detectors when you are searching or does the same one find everything eg bronze, silver, iron, gold, brass etc etc :oops: Just wondered as you obviously find items made of from many different 'metals'.


Final daft question but do you find the flints and pottery etc by accident when you are digging for the 'metal' object that made the detector beep :oops:


Science and electronics was never one of my strong points :lol::oops::wink:

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Cool :D:D Great films Indy :wink: You should really get a compilation of your films on the TV you know they are very professional these days.


We passed through Warburton four times today and each time I thought of you and wondered what fun you must be having and wondered what you had found today :oops: Other half kept telling me to stop looking at the fields :lol:


Re your last film.. I have no idea why but I was really drawn to the Bronze Cartwheel Penny and the Copper Canal Penny.... I kept rewinding and pausing their images. Odd I know but I really really liked them.


Maybe I once spent them in one of my former lives... who knows :lol:

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I've found a roman coin today... in a little white envelope in the boxes of stuff taken out of my trashed car :oops::lol:


No I am not joking :oops: No idea why it was in there as my other coin is safe and sound with my cobble from the local Roman Road.


Anyway this one is in a sorry state and is about the size of a 5p but very thin like it's been squashed.


However I can feel the markings on it but cant make out any of the detail by looking as its quite tarnished.


Any idea how to clean it... was going to drop it in some coke as thats good for cleaning modern coins but thought it might melt.


PS Indy I am even more impressed that you do the filming/sound youself too.. a man of many tallents.. must take you ages :wink:

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