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Thelwall Lane Laundry


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My Mum and Aunty used to work in a commercial laundry in Thelwall Lane in the old days. They got me a job there in the school holidays once but I didn't last long as my hand got stuck in a steam press and I was rushed off to hospital. I am trying to find out if the place is still there and if not, what is in it's place. Somebody said a hairdresser's but I would like to know for sure. I can't even remember whereabouts on Thelwall Lane it was as it was so long ago. Any info would be appreciated.

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As I remember it, the laundry was just a converted end terraced house.

If you are stood outside Latchford Methodist Church on Old Thellwall Lane, the laundry was within fifty yds of it on the opposite side of the road.

It's buging me now. So I will get a photo tomorrow, and ask somebody to put it up for me.



Currells Bakery is also next to the Church. I think they have been there a long time. I'll ask a few questions to get an exact location.

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It was on the Dover Rd ind. estate. There used to be a sign on the wall on Thelwall Lane.(NOT Thelwall New Rd, Gary). I will take a trip down there 'if' I remember and report back.

You could be right Paul, but I don't know whether they have ALL of the site for a temple.

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I have just spoken to the Oracle, and she confirms that the old laundry is now a Sikh Temple. There are a couple of industrial units at the far end of the building.

If you go to Maps Google and put in WA4, find Latchford village and then Thelwall Lane, you can drive down the road to Dover Rd, pan right and there it is.

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