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Not enough seats?


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Too damn many seats in the Mall itself. Always full of girls with tattoos and buggies yodelling down mobile phones as their offspring hurl sausage roll shrapnel at passers by. Or evil tempered old women who aim their shopping trolleys at your shins as you go by. Or pervy old blokes making personal remarks if you sit next to them..... :shock: oh, sorry, Obs! :twisted:

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Never really noticed that there are a lack of seats / or not. :(


One thing I did notice when it opened and I went in for the first time was that if you are unfamiliar with it getting out quick could be a problem. After wandering around, it took me a while to find an exit! I don't think the layout is very well designed or the exit signs marked clearly enough. I think there'd be a real problem if there was a fire or terrorist attack. Poor planning again!

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I agree with Obs, Shortage of Seats - the design of that place is terrible for a "main" LOL shopping centre. For anyone with walking difficulties the "hill climbs" are terrible with that flooring. I have no doubt there will someone who will argue differently but more seats would help

Avoid it like the plague

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