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It's not quite the Premiership


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From Leigh Life




Me Granson Ben who's nine year old

he kicks a ball around

at soccer in the Saturday league

for good old Athy Town

I love to go and watch him

I stand and shout from touch

its not quite the premiership

but I love it just as much


Although he isn't very tall

he loves to play right back

he wellies ball reet up the field

which helps the team attack

although hes only little

he never wants to hide

its not quite the premiership

cos its only seven a-side


Home or away I go and watch

last week we were in Bury

the rain were horizontal

the snow were in a flurry

we won ten one but spare a thought

for their goalie, poor love

its not quite the premiership

he only had one glove


There are no showers or changing rooms

they arrive dressed in their kit

and if its cold that mornin

I turn car heater up a bit

and if we get to half time

and a lad he wants a wee

its not quite the premiership

he as to find a tree


Every week they all turn up

with smile upon their face

they run their little hearts out

at a very frantic pace

through all types of weather

commitment you will find

its not quite the premiership

but they don't seem to mind


Now, we have no flashy stadium

no fancy exec box

no t.v rights or satellite

not even matchin socks

we have no prima donna's

who'll dive for their big fee

its not quite the premiership

but it'll bloody do for me

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