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McClaren sacked!!!


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Mourinho will be asked but not surehe;ll take it.

Capello has thrown his hat in the ring but the FA are rumoured to eb reluctant due to hsi defensive style. I would have thought after last nights shambles, not getting beat might be a priority.


I think motivation is a major problem with the players. Last night no-one got the game by the scruff of the neck and there was no passion (paid too much?)


How about Harry Redknapp, Coppell or Allardyce. All have got under talented teams performing above their ability. Sounds like that is what we need?


Dont accept that so called Champiosn League experience is essential:


Billic seems to have done okay. McLeish is doign better than most as did Sanchez and now Worthington. The german diver did all right at the world cup last time although I accept the host element played a part.


Time to think out the box a bit.


My choice would be O'neil but not sure he might fancy being second choice.

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Originally posted by TLC:



What other job can you have where you completely mess up in front of millions and get money for it? :confused: :confused: :confused: [/QB]

Industry or big business. It's called reward for failure. :x


As for who would take the poisoned chalice? I don't know. But whoever would be on a hiding to nothing, and a ruined reputation to boot.

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Daily Mail:


"As England football fans vented their anger and dismay over another humiliation yesterday, one man and his wife were still smiling.


Steve McClaren, the manager who masterminded his team's failure to qualify for Euro 2008, walked away with a ?2.5million payoff after being sacked by the Football Association.


He had refused to resign immediately after England's defeat against Croatia on Wednesday, which led to him being dubbed the "wally with the brolly" as he watched from beneath an umbrella to protect his thinning hair.


Instead he waited for the FA to fire him, confident in the knowledge that by forcing its hand he would trouser a year's salary.


He now plans a sunshine break with wife Kathryn at a holiday home he has bought in the Caribbean."


So that's two fingers to the England fans then.


Alas we now have a culture of "payment for failure". Funny old world. :(:wink:

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It gets "better"


Daily Mail:


"England footballers are to receive massive windfalls despite failing to qualify for next summer's European Championships.


In a move which will enrage fans, players can expect to receive six-figure sums despite crashing out of qualifying for the championships for the first time since 1984.


Each player's share will depend on the number of appearances".


With regards to the Iraqi national side when it failed, Saddam had the right idea.


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