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Hill cliff help needed


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okay me and my friend went for a walk to hill cliff cemetry yesterday and we decided to go feather up north like where that massive house is which looks like a mansion okay is a mansion but we got up to the fields just below where the fence stops us going near the massive house so we went though a gap.


When we got to the mansion we took a walk around the grounds making sure we wasent saw but there was a small house next to it well smaller and we noticed some old old buildings so we checked them out and they had been not in use since 14/10/94


and it is such a shame since they could be done up and rented out so we had a look inside and found 3 boxes


1 had books in from Unit 1 or something


and the other 2 had old vinals of verious artists and there was a very very very old marriage ablum from the 1980s it was someones daughter


and it made us wonder why someone would leave something so valuable and old but i took a recipet i found in a box and the recipt says on it


MIDland Bank

Date: 14/10/94

credit J. Osborne


and there was also some very very old cuttlery looked like from the wedding


im curious what was the small out buildings up on that hill and whats the history behind this place and does anyone have a name for the massive house ?


these buildings are truly falling apart

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