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Who's paying the most for advertising then !


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Why is it that whenever I click on the 'Political Soapbox' section on here I bet a blummin' big yellow 'LIB DIM' scrolling advert at the top of the screen.


Is it 'person' specific or is everyone getting the same :?

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It is annoying me though... guess maybe I just don't like the colour yellow or maybe it's the blokes face...who knows :lol:


Must be my bed time as for some reason little things that are starting to get on my nerves today :wink:

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I agree Dizzy, but I had to go to the Political section to see it.

Why don't you just use the posts since your last visit link?


Didn't know there was one :oops:


Anyway it's still there on the Political section and thanks to Lt K I have now noticed the 'are you single one' at the top of this topic :lol:


So therefore the advertisiers must think .... that anyone who is slightly interested in 'politics' and who then proceeds to the next available sub level of discussion MUST in most cases be single and desperate to meet someone :lol:

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