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I went into a Chinese store in Manchester?s China town a few weeks back and some of the stuff there was disgusting. The smell was also that bad we just had to get out before we all threw up.


Put me right off Chinese food for nearly a week! :lol:




Bill :)

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If I remember rightly I'm sure my uncle used to go into Manchester to get all his chinese ingredients from authentic Chinese shops.. but sadly I can't ask him where they were. Not really much help I know, sorry :oops:


The one I like best is called Wing Yip, and believe it or not, they have an online store at wingyip.com..... but as Chinese labelling rules are not as strict as EU ones, and I don't speak or read Chinese, it is sometimes a bit of an adventure. If you've got a peanut allergy or something, it might be a very bad idea! :wink:

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