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Warrington's Roman Remains from abroad ?


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Spent most of the night reading a fascinating old book about the many Roman discoveries found in Warrington, especially at Wilderspool and Stockton Heath in the early 1900's.


Without doubt the whole area was a hive of Roman activity and it's such a shame that so many people have no idea about the area's historic past.


Can't help but wonder what else still lies undiscovered or sadly what has been lost through ignorance, neglect or indifference :cry:


Daft thing is though is the local l book I am reading was found online quite by accident and is available in digital format for free........ but it's from America :roll:


Warrington Library/Museum please take note :wink: Would be nice if local information was available online 'locally' :wink:

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and is available in digital format for free..

link please Dis


find it yourself I had too... :P:lol:


Only kidding :lol:


Oops forgot to post the link after teasing you :oops: and just tried it again and the site just hangs..


BUT I did download the1904 book in .pdf format so I could email a copy of it to you if you like.


You may have already read it though if you are into local history.


Let me know if you want a copy :wink:

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