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All Shook Up: Elvis Fans Head To Yorkshire


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The seaside town of Bridlington will see its streets scattered with impersonators of the King as it hosts the first Elvis weekender to be staged outside the small Welsh town of Portcawl.


Peter Phillips, the organiser of the Welsh festival who is also responsible for its northern counterpart, told Sky News Online people can't get enough of rock and roll.


"Elvis holds a real, enduring appeal for all ages," he said.


"There are lots of Elvis conventions which are quite formulaic, but Porthcawl is just wall to wall Elvis.


"It will take time but we hope this will happen in Bridlington too.


"There is a magnificent spa building and the Bridlington people are really enthusiastic.


"We get 30,000 visitors to the Porthcawl festival and we aim to get that many here in the future - then there will be Elvis weekenders at both ends of the year and both ends of the UK."


As well as the competition which will run all day tomorrow, there will be a range of Elvis shows including the Elvis Gospel Show and Elvis At The Movies.


The current Scottish Elvis champion Johnny Lee Memphis will also attend to offer his advice to the competing impersonators.


The winner will go forward to represent the country in the Elvis World Cup in Cardiff in July.


There were initial concerns over forecast blizzards, but Mr Phillips said he was confident that the sun always shines on Elvis.

:wink:There you go Peter!

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