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Can our political system deliver?


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Basically, we have a political system in which two major parties throw c**p at each other in order to win an election, every 5 years. Thus the object is "winning" an election and the forsight required in terms of the national interest is no more than 5 years. Two issues have recently brought this deficiency into stark focus: 1) the issue of long term care for the elderly and infirm - which will no doubt cost a phenomenal amount of money to future taxpayers or to private consumers. 2) the vision of finally bringing our transport infrastructure into the 21st century, with a dedicated high speed rail line - again a high investment project, albeit over 25 years. So on both these LONG TERM items, do we get a sensible public bi-partisan debate to establish the principle upon which we can proceed, do we get a national public debate? - NO - we get the usual myopic inter-party bickering, while the Titanic hits the iceberg and begins to sink - no wonder this once great nation is fast becoming a global joke. :cry:

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