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BOOK: Sexually, I'm More of a Switzerland, by David Rose


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Mr. Rose has edited and presented male/female advertisements from the London Review of Books:


What are the chances? 1 in 216 as Richard de Fournival astutely explained in "De vetula" written 1220-1260.


Rich old buggers about to peg it, write to attractve, nubile young filly


I wish they all could be Californian, but basically anyone within the M25 will do. Man, 43


I am Mr. Right. You are Miss Distinct Possibility. Your parents are Mr. and Mrs. Obscenely Rich. Your Uncle is Mr. Expert Tax Lawyer...


Everyone is this column has an agenda. Not me. Man, 41


The usual hyperbole infuses this ad with a whiff of playful narcissism...

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