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Watched an interview with the Shadow Higher Education Minister, who's thoughts were as follows: seems he's worked out that the spendthrifts who've lived on credit over the past 20 years or so are now in their 40s and 50s; and rather than saddling the youngsters with the whole bill for paying off the deficit; these older age groups should be made to pay through higher taxes and an extended working life, by an early increase in the age of retirement - obviously not concerned about the grumpy vote then! :wink:

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Shhhhh!!! Brown's hoping people have forgotten that. :shock:

Both parties are talking of putting VAT up to 20%, I believe.

In a very short space of time. Labour have taken us from rich, rich, rich to broke, broke, broke. :roll::cry:


I don't think we have ever been as rich as we think we area.A credit boom fuelled by house price inflation has fooled the public for the past twenty years.

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