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Warrington Walking Day, that age old question.

Sue Durnim

Warrington Walking Day which day is best?  

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  1. 1. Warrington Walking Day which day is best?

    • Keep it on a Friday?
    • Move it to Saturday?
    • Move to a Sunday?

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The UK probably has more history than most, problem is, we have no idea or interest in exploiting it - far from it, anything of heritage value is allowed to decay. :roll:


Maybe we here in Warrington can reverse the trend, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh and the Lakes seem to do well, everytime

I go to the Lake District it is full of Europeans and the Japanese.


Warrington is still famous for the Vladivar Vodka, and when was that last produced or the advert seen on the tellly?

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I first covered Walking Day more than 40 years ago and had to write a piece for an evening paper. I recall that I wrote that after the walk was over, the little children in their white dresses could be seen waiting outside the pubs while their parents celebrated their own "act of Christian Witness" inside, propped up against the bar.


So things were no better in the "old days"! The law has changed, of course, so no doubt the children are now INSIDE the pubs with their parents.


If it was to be moved from a Friday it could only be to a Sunday as having it on a Saturday would cause even more disruption than the present arrangement. As tradition is still important, probably the best thing is to leave it as it is. Can't see it becoming a tourist attraction as it is of purely local significance.

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I'm afraid it is a piece of Warrington's cultural history. A giant mural, an award-winning advert, and let's face it, "Where is Warrington?" is still a frequent question (if not Vere is Varrington?)


And if this (the PG version) is anything to go by, the old ad agency could teach this lot a thing or two:


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Wikipedia has got it wrong! :roll:

The major cinema advertising campaign for Vladivar Vodka from Warrington was running in 1973. I remember clearly the first time I saw it, we thought it was great!


Does anyone else remember the 'Russians' complete with big furry hats walking through Warrington asking people 'vere iz ze vodka factory'?

It was a really funny and really successful advertising campaign and it did put Warrington on the map! Previous to the Vladivar from Warrington ads whenever anyone asked us where we were from and we said Warrington they wouldn't have any idea and we always had to say 'between Manchester and Liverpool' or such, after the Vladivar ads Warrington was instantly recognised.


It was far better publicity than 'The Worst Town in Britain' tab which we have now..........but then Warrington was a different place in those days!

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:oops::oops: Ooops sorry Sue and I feel slightly to blame here for posting the photo... but we seem to have gone completely off the original topic. Did I hijack it. :shock:


So........ should Warrington Walking day be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.. did we ever come to a conclusion :lol:

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What building was pained on ?


It was Millings grocers, which I think disapeared in the 60's, and the cleaners were Metro previous to Craft cleaners.

I'm not sure if there actually was an entrance through to the market square there, if there was it was probably a narrow alley. The wider entrance appeared late 60's early 70's sometime and that was when the coffee shop was built on the inside corner, the 'in' place at the time.

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