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Boss sacks smokers

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Who'd want to work in a yellow walled rancid stench-pit crisping up your lungs with a bunch of prematurely aginging yellow fingered wrinkleys anyway :wink:


I do think his attitude might change soon when his company gets sued for any respitory illness his employees get, the ruling will come...you mark my words.

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Here is a photo... I took this at a factory back in December which belongs to one of my national customers. The factory is due to close shortly because they have relocated, but they still have a small presence.


This was one of the smoking rooms they had and this one also doubled up as their staff kitchen. It hasn't been used for a while now as most of the factory staff have moved to the new site but I just took this photo of a reminder of how smoking rooms really were!!


This was obviously an attempt at cleaning up the room a bit....


Just think what your local pub walls and ceilings were like!




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I was in an Arabian restaurant on Wednesday night and the printed menu had a fine selection of hubble-bubble pipes and different flavoured smokes at about ?10 a go. I asked them how the smoking ban was impacting on this and they told me they told the council smoke police to ?sod off? :)


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Don't be giving these bloomin smoking police any ideas like that Paul this was in Bradford by the way not Iran.


I dunno, I suppose if the hubble-bubble pipe is really part of the traditional restaurant, then for authenticity sake I say why not. I mean, if the health and safety lot suggested that a chopstick might have someone?s eye out, do you really think all the Chinese restaurants would simply stop using them? :)


[ 11.01.2008, 21:40: Message edited by: Bill ]

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Declined no, destroyed yes.


No doubt some pubs and restaurants are seeing improvements in environment and income but the traditional clubs are struggling. The majority of long standing customers were quite happy with their games of snooker, darts & dominoes along with a smoke and a pint. Their fellow non-smoking players didn't have a problem with it.

Now,the dart board is hardly ever used (The dart & domino team is no more), one of the snooker tables is used for a couple of hours but very rarely are their enough in for a domino school.

The old dears who nip outside on Bingo nights are rapidly disappearing.


I could go on but you get the picture, I believe Penketh Legion is shutting it won't be the last. If the demics who are in power don't give a toss for our serving forces what chance have ex-servicemen. :onfire: :onfire:

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Why don't they allow adults to be adults? Have a sign outside saying "This is A Smoking Establishment" and let adults make their own choices?


Peter I had a very similar thing happen as you did at work. I used to go to a place in Bigfork and talk, play cards, etc.. There was one table that was smoking - all the rest were not. We smokers had this huge ventilator fan above us. What would happen is that the non-smokers chose to sit with us smokers?? I asked one day why that was and most said we were more fun!! :P

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the smokers probably chose to sit with you because it didn't matter where in the pub they sat, they would still feel the effects of the smoke anyway.


I really can't see why there are so many narrow minded people who are refusing to go out to the pub just because every half an hour they have to nip outside for a fag! Its crazy. My wife still smokes and when we go out now, she goes outside under the umbrellas or heaters or if there is nothing, she stands and gets wet if its raining.


The trouble with smoke is that you get it anywhere in a pub regardless of whether there are smoking areas or not. It drifts and it makes everything and everyone stink. That photo I posted, in the false ceiling above, there were two ceiling mounted air con units about a meter square each and the place was still bright yellow. There is not an extractor on the market that can get rid of it.


I just think its about time that smokers just shut up and made the best of the fact that they haven't had the things banned altogether.


I drive a car and since I passed my test I have had to start wearing a seatbelt, slow down for speed cameras and not talk on the phone while driving. Plus pay ridiculous amounts in cash both in insurance, tax and fuel prices for the pleasure. And you feel hard done to?


I am an ex smoker. I used to love smoking but I just grew out of it. I reaslised just how much of my money Brown was raping me of and decided one had to go and a fag couldn't get me to work!! and having been over to Gibraltar just before Christmas where cigarettes are ?4.80 for 200 Pall Mall or ?7.80 for 200 Bensons I think I made the right choice!


Have a good weekend and just tell yourself.... you don';t really need to smoke that fag and get cancer and die early and leave your kids without a parent!!



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There are lots of things in life that you don't "have to do" Baz; indeed plently of things that are positively bad or dangerous for one to do. :roll: Smoking is bad for folk - OK so why not ban it altogether; rather than be two faced, in gathering tax from it and crippling working men's clubs with the ban? :roll: Now we have two more BIG killers; drinking and over-eating: so what do we do; bans on pubs/clubs altogether; bans on MacDonalds etc? No, folk have to be treated like adults, given the facts and then it's up to them. I notice also; that the smokers havn't been replaced by the moaning non-smokers in our clubs; nope they'll still be home alone thinking up something else to disrupt others social life. :roll:

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Blimey that?s a bit rich Baz.


You don?t mind others having to stand outside in the rain but you do mind if you get the merest whiff of tobacco smoke. With the greatest of respect to you Baz, I think I?d have a little more enthusiasm for this law if I didn?t think people with views like this were behind it?s implementation. If that wasn?t bad enough, to then go one step further and accuse the people that stay away from pubs of being narrow minded just beggars belief.


I went to Porters just before Christmas and all the atmosphere was out in the smoking area where most of the people were sitting including myself and my other none smoking friends. The traditional pubs and clubs that can?t provide facilities smokers will end up closing while those that do provide facilities for both will do well at their expense. This is exactly what?s happened in Ireland and it will happen here.


Oh and by the way, remember the ?4 per pint thread? Well in Ireland there saying that the price increases in beer are a direct result of declining numbers in the pubs due to the anti smoking laws.


Bill :)

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baz,I am not a smoker but why if I was should I have to shut up? Such arrogance.

I am not talking about the likes of your wife who nip outside for a quick drag when it it convenient and joins the other saddos in the rain.

I am talking about the removal of a longstanding traditional way of life for current & ex-servicemen and their friends at the behest of a whingeing minority. There was no need for a complete ban on smoking in licensed premises, choice is a basic human right.

I can only comment on the one venue but plans were in place for a completely seperate smoking games room leaving three other rooms smoke free. But this wasn't good enough for the two faced plonkers who are running this country.

Member of Parliament, have a smoke; Member of a Legion, don't you dare. That stinks more than cigarette smoke. :x

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But the bigger picture must surely be the health issue?


I sat and watched my dad die from cancer. I saw what was left of the imaciated frame of his brother after he died from cancer. This isn't a game here, people know a lot more about what these things do to your health than they did when half of the smokers started.


The government have irreparably altered every aspect of life and tradition in this country but in 50 years time if they introduced a new law saying you had to smoke in pubs, all the non smokers would bang on about the government messing with the tradition of not smoking!


As I said I was a smoker and I smoked for donkeys years and it may even end up killing me because I don't know what it has already done. I was a 40 - 60 a day smoker, not a social one and yes I am a total anti smoker now but I feel I have the experience from both sides to be so.


The smokers now are only moaning because they haven't given up and see it as an infringement by the government which wants to make them give up.... well so be it


Bill, it isn't rich at all (although at nearly a fiver a packet, I certainly am!! :D ) If we can have people from other countries coming over here (as a minority) demanding this and that and getting it, why shouldn't the majority get something for once? As I said before, most things that the government do (and this is not like me to defend anything these trough snuffling labour gits have done) on the grounds of safety or health have some basis behind them. Do you really think that a cabinet minister woke up one morning and thought "I know, I'll really **** off all the smokers today"? of course not. It is a policy designed to reduce death and inconvenience from passive smoking. Just like making people wear seatbelts in the front and back has stopped people flying out of crashing cars.


And as for calling them narrow minded, what would you call them? what would you call someone who won't got and play darts or dominoes in a pub because they can't have a fag while doing it?


I go to the pub as you know and the old boy who sits with us playing dominos smokes. Every so often, someone goes to the bar and he nips out for a fag.... jeeeez it isn't the end of the bloody world for gods sake

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