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My Weekend Predictions


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Originally posted by wolfie:

Chelsea 1 City 1

Man U 3 Boro 0

Derby 0 Everton 1

Liverpool 1 Arsenal 1


Welcome back Eagle :D

City could nick it.

Boro is their bogey side, but they will want to score 4 again.

Everton should score 2 or 3.

It depends on what side the tinkerman puts out.

On present form Arsenal should win.

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I haven't given up on Liverpool - I just know a better footballing team when I see one.

It is the first time I have had chance to watch a full 90 minutes of Liverpool this season and while they were very committed Arsenal were far superior and on that kind of form will go on and win the league.

Will be interesting to see how they compete with United next Saturday.

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never been called Brave before,i think you will find Dunny has scored you a lot of points alongside Richards,we just had one bad game where a young inexperienced goalkeeper let 4 goals through his legs,odds on Isaksen will now take over and stay there for the rest of the season,


If you dont want Carson can we have him please,oh and Crouchy.

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