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Town 5 v 1 Rossendale


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A great performance by the whole team. Thought Eddie had a particularly good game in mid field. Well done lads. Look forward to the match on Saturday.

Believe it was Ritchie Mottrams fiinal appearance last night. Anyone know whats happening with a replacement yet.


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I was right by the goal when the first effort went in and there was no doubt whatsoever that Gavin got the final touch about and foot from the line with teh ball going in anyway. The credit for Gavin was entirely correct and will appear in all resocrds that way.


He almost gestured an apology for nicking the goal but if he had not touched it then it may well have been recorded as an own goal.


As it stands he has 3 goals in two games.


Just the tip of the iceberg we hope.


Great to see all the strikers register though. Some good finishes last night.a bit of a wobble allowed RU back into it but we recovered well. Better teams may not be so forgiving so we'd have to tighten up in defense to the whole 90 mins. Other than that teh defence did really well in keeping Rossy to just one goal.


Another top Motty peformance too. He'll be missed if we don't see him again.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry I couldn't go, Network Warrington doesn't cater for Penketh at that time of night :(:(

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