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Formation and Midfield


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From watchin last two games just gathering in this post everyones thoughts on our best formation and midfield players.


Couple of points -


1. We play 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 from what i can gather, one holding midfielder and one attacking. Two wing players Gaghan and Roberts. Two forwards one creative and the other target man. Full backs who need to get forward more.

2. Midfielders - Number 6 and 8 who played against Leigh on Tuesday appear to be too static in midfield and do not allow the ball to be played through them. Thus, last two games we have relied on the front three (Jimmy, chris and evans) to attack or move the play from our defence. This bring too much pressure on our defence. We end up playing like 4 and the back n 3 up front.

3. Players in central midfield to start with Mike Grogan and Richard Chetcuti. Both these provided balance when brought on against C Bay on Sat.


whats your thougths ?? :lol:

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My thoughts are that from central midfield there is no-one capable of supplying the strikers with chances or for that matter capable of shooting!


If Town could find a player who can break from midfield and pose a threat himself then no doubt chances will be taken a lot more.


They also need to stop trying to score the perfect goal and just put the ball in the net, this being by shooting more. Corners and chances all ask questions of the opposition team and pressure leads to goals.

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