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The Farmer and the Flies


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A hardworking farmer driving down a country lane was pulled over by a highway patrolman and told he had been speeding.


As the officer was writing out a ticket many flies circled his head and he batted at them with his pen and pad and continued to write. The farmer said, "I see you're having problems with our Circle Flies. They can be pesky."


The officer said, "if that's what you call them, yes, they are troublesome."


The farmer said, "we call them Circle Flies because they bother our horses in the field all the time, buzzing around their rear ends."


The officer wrote more on the ticket pad, and suddenly paused and said, "Hey, are you calling me a horse's rear?"


The farmer, "Oh, please. Never. I respect law enforcement and the hardworking patrolmen too much, to ever be disrespectful."


The officer went back to writing and the farmer said, "Hard to fool them flies, though."

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