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Give him a medal?!


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It would also appear that the burglar was never tried for breaking into the house or for tying up the occupants. However now, it seems his "brain damage" can't be that bad as he is due in court next month to answer more charges of burglary committed after the offence where he was given "proper justice"


Surely now the CPS should haul him back before the courts to face the trial he should have had in the first place?

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I think I read somewhere that the guy had committed a load of other offences but couldn't be prosecuted because his legal team claims that he's now suffering mental health issues as a direct result of the beating.


No so brain damaged though that he forgot how to commit crime!


Bill :)

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Seems a very good decision to me, except that the other brother should also have had his term suspended. Far as I'm concerned, those brothers made one mistake - they should have taken him back inside the house and THEN hit him, claiming they only wanted to hold him until the Police arrived, but he had a go first.


Obviously, we have laws which must be upheld, but I don't see why they should be in prison whilst he walks free. That's not justice.

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