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Does anyone know........


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I'm looking for a little help, two of my old friends, Ron Willis and his wife Marie, emigrated from Thelwall to Spain about a year ago and I'm trying to get a lead on their new address, or at least the town in Spain to which they moved.

They sent me a Christmas card a year ago saying that they had made the move, but they gave no return address !!!!!!! The post mark was too smudged to read.

I would like to reply to them, cos I know that they must think that I am ignoring them. I have tried several avenues with no results and I wondered if anyone reading these postings knew them. Thanks for any help.

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I live in Spain and have just checked phone books on-line, but no trace of a Ron Willis. Found a Marie Willis in Cordoba. However, Spanish phone books are notoriously unhelpful, and also a lot of people only have mobiles. If anyone can tell you which part of Spain they moved to, you could write to the local English language papers, most of which are freebies.

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Thanks, sorry to be so late, have only just managed to get back to this page. I appreciate the effort that you have made and maybe i could get that number from you. I received a Christmas card with the message that they had moved and they did mention the city - Cordoba doesn't ring a very loud bell, but who know's. Unfortunately, I destroyed the card before i decided to try to locate them.

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