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Lost in translation!


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Seems the cost to Local Authority tax-payers of translation services for non-English speakers is ?19million. :shock: Errm, if that amount were invested in compulsory English classes for non-speakers, and failiure to speak English resulted in refusal of citizenship and deportation, perhaps it may possibly be classed as value for money. :roll:

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:lol: nice one Sid - the wonders of education, education education! :roll: An interesting afterthought: it seems youngsters are taking longer to learn to speak, allegedly due to parents spending more time watching TV or on their PC, rather than actually conversing with their kids - expletives between parents are possibly the only words the kids hear! :shock: Add to this the extra time being spent on kids at school, with kids where English is the second language and it's no wonder that indigenous kids now appear to be retarded! :roll:
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