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Is your car -


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don't think it's so much of a risk as a natural response. somebody is trying to nick your car the first response is to go and try to stop them. thinking about the consequences only happens a long time afterwards.


on a slight tangent. had a strange one with my car this morning. was just coming in from walking the dog when i noticed the indicators on my car flashing. when i got closer the car was locking and unlocking all on it's own. :shock::shock::shock: .

managed to open one of the doors when it unlocked itself gain and started it up seems fine now. just wondering if it was something to do with the battery or whether it is haunted. :?:?:?

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My Dad's cordless doorbell operates on the same frequency as one of his neighbours' car keys. Dad was cursing someone for playing knock and run for weeks before we realised. Yours probably just had a short or water/ice somewhere in the circuitry Sid.


As for jumping in front of your car, it's the flood of adrenaline, isn't it? "Fight or flight" response. You either run like hell or charge in madly - either way, there's no thought involved. Unfortunately, if the burglar or car thief you charge at has the same response, it won't end well at all. :(

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