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Where do you live?


Where do you live?  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Where do you live?

    • Appleton/Appleton Thorn
    • Bewsey/Whitecross/Longford/Orford
    • Birchwood/Cinnamon Brow/Gorse Covert
    • Burtonwood
    • Callands/Old Hall/Westbrook
    • Croft/Culcheth/Glazebury
    • Grappenhall/Thelwall
    • Penketh/Great Sankey/Whittle Hall
    • Latchford/Westy
    • Lymm & District
    • Padgate/Woolston/Paddington
    • Stockton Heath/Walton
    • Warrington town centre
    • Winwick

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Getting back on topic it would appear a pretty even split between the North and the South.


I prefer to think of us all as being from the same place Gary... ie Warrington. Not into this North / South divide stuff but if needs must :cry::wink::lol:


A few more votes and we can have a football match :D


It does make a difference as to people's comments as each area is different and there is no norm.


How come Latchford is still unrepresented on here? Surely your not one of those too afraid to vote thinking it will mean you can be tracked down and identified or spammed for life? :roll::wink:

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Unlike "some" people, my location is clear for all to read. :roll:

I wondered how long it would take for someone to notice. :lol:


I noticed.... but I just thought as a moderator you were trying to remain netural in the discussion and poll :wink::lol: .... or being awkward :lol::P

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There are definately not 2,332 active posters that's for sure :lol:


Infact theres another interestin question... how many of the 2332 registered members have actually posted in the last 6 months :D

Have you not noticed that people who have not posted for many months suddenly appear, making a comment and then disappear again.

I also know there are quite a few old members from the previous forum who don't post anymore because they think this forum is too complicated!


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2 good summaries.


Now only one as some of us know how to delete a double post! :oops::lol:

Any way five pages of debate and still rumbling on but only 26 posters willing to admit they live in Warrington!

Mind you I know some Latchford residents only look in the Warrington Town section! :roll:

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