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Topical bin men joke

harry hayes

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Two binmen and the driver are knocking on doors at xmas, holding their hands out for tips. One calls at number 40 and says "merry Xmas" to the woman who answers the door.


She says "just a minute while I have a word with my husband in the garage"

When she gets back she invites the bin man upstairs - and I elaborate no further.

He has a great time and tips the wink to his partner. Same result.


The two inform the driver and he goes to the house and the woman gives him a tenner. "What's this, you invited the others upstairs"


The woman said, "well I had a word with my husband and he told me to give the driver a tenner and FU,k the other two"


Happy days

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This one's for you Harry.


Two constables and a seargent were in a car speeding down the motorway, on their way to a night out in Manchester.


They were touching 100 mph when they got flagged down by the motorway police. Give us a break mate one of the constables said, we've only just come off duty.


Okay then said the traffic officer, if the total sum of the length of your manhoods adds up to 16 inches "exactly", I'll let you off.


So the first constable dropped his strides and measured his manhhod. 6 inches exactly he said. Right'o he said to his mate, what does yours measure? His mate dropped his strides and measuured himself. 8 inches exactly said the second constable.


Come on Sarge they said, don't let us down, what have you got?


The Seargent dropped his strides and measured himself. 2 inches exactly, he said.


Wow Sarge said one of the Constables, how on earth did you manage that?


No problem said the Seargent, I had an erection.

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