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Tories admit donations error

Lt Kije

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Funny how the Tories on the furum are yet to post :lol::wink:


Baz, Peter T :lol:

You need to get a life and get some maturity.


What is a furum????


Some of us don't live on here 24/7. and it says more about you and your posts about Tories and the Mail than it does about anyone else.

Very sad. :roll:

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It's a Tory cover up at the highest level, Dis! A scandalous shocking censorship to whitewash misconduct. They're probably going to have me "disappeared" overnight. :shock:


So in order to make that pointless, I'm gonna tell the world!! Pete quoted my post by mistake instead of Obs' post, that's all. I was a bit perplexed by the "time off" reply, as I'd asked what the fuss was about the donations. Pete's corrected his post to quote Obs and make sense and therefore removed my post that said "good for you, but how does that answer my question?".



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Oooh was that all, though you'd been putting the world to rights and had been censored :lol:


At least if you 'disappear' over night I know our cars will be safe :lol:


I'd never say anything that broke the rules badly enough to get banned or censored. Not in my nature. I might indulge in a bit of innuendo or a mild swear word, but I'm only here for fun.... and I've never thrown a pikelet or a pikel at anyone, I promise! :wink:

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What would YOU like me to say. I have made my views on politics VERY CLEAR over the years spent on here.

Even my latest posts tell YOU that none of the "BIG THREE" will do what I want, so WHY would I vote for them?

Sorry to disappoint Loo, but with me, what you see is what you get.

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Loo, you are getting ever more repetitive. I think it stems from you not reading your fellow posters' contributions.

We all knw that you hate the Tory party, its members, their families and anything to do with the party. WE HAVE NOTICED , NOW CHANGE THE BLOODY RECORD.


Eagle, Mail Reader, Man U supporter, Leigh Centurion Supporter and a regular Tory voter.

There I have said it, I don't need reminding. Go and play with all your immigrant friends.

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