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Roma v Utd


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The fact that Poo finally woke up and won their last 3 games against totally inferior competition and Rangers showed what they really are - the second best team in Scotland, then I have to agree.

We nearly ended up with 6 teams in the final stages of the competition and yet Rangers and Celtic would probably struggle in our Championship league.


We should return to Champions and runners up only.

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Keith - you are starting to agree with me too much.

Personally I think the champions League should be for the Champions only.

I realise Liverpool would not have won one of the FIVE trophies they have lifted - but at least it would be a real Champions League then.

The UEFA cup would then have a little more credability :roll:

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Originally posted by James P:

Yes Keith we did finally wake up and win all three games... but what a way to win them though, 16 goals in three games at any level is great achievement :) , except if you're Warrington Town, when the reverse applies! :o

Isn't there some investigation over one of the games? :confused:
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