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A Positive Post For A Change


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Okay hardly original, but how about a shout out to all the people during the cold snap who have been prepared to sacrifice comfort and warmth for the community?


Id like to nominate the District nurse who got through the snow and ice to attend to a family relative who hadnt been seen for sevreral days.


i also want to nominate the Pharmacy dirver, who came out in his van to deliver an urgent prescription.


The driver of the 14s 15s and 29s who did take their buses out despite the lack of any information from WBT.


Any more?

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Yep I'd like to nominate the two of my staff who despite me telling not to even try to come into work in these conditions did so anyway, one from Widnes and the other from Lancaster. And despite both being office teckies, they just grabbed spades and helped clear away the snow so that we could take deliveries.


Maybe not quite in the hero league but none the less their willingness to help out when they had an easy alternative shows that human spirit isn't all lost.


Bill :)

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one of my neighbours works for the council as a dog warden and had to fiddlers ferry at the height of the snow storm to rescue some abandoned dogs, so a big cheer for her and for the others like the rspca who have to get to work to feed the animals in their care.


also to any local shops staff who have braved the elements to keep the shops open. i know of one who walked the best part of four miles to be on time for their shift. i know they get paid for the work but most don't get enough to warrant that sort of dedication.

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