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More bad weather.. and no local grit !!


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To understand the extent of the problem WBC has used 2000T of grit since 16th December, in a typical season November - April it uses just 1200T.


Sorry Paul, but an average figure of 1200 tonnes means nothing without including information on the extent of year on year fluctuations.


If we were to use 3000 one year, 1000 the next and have a mild winter using virtually 0 the third we'd still get an "average" usage figure pretty close to the 1200 tonnes quoted. But one year in three we'd have only just over a third of what is needed.


Stocking levels need to be sufficient to cope safely with a once in, say, 25 year winter. It's not like the stuff has a shelf life, if we buy 5000 tonnes in the summer or autumn (when I dare say it's half the price!) and don't have to use it that winter, it'll still be there come the following one!

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I think we all realise that this has been a bit worse than usual


I think it has been more than a bit worse. :wink::D


I was trying to stick to my more possitive attitude about the weather, lack of gritting and the council etc Paul :wink::P


But try as I might I'm starting to 'slip' back into my old habits :wink:

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Just had the pleasure of doing the school run. :D


Only clear roads round here are A49 London Road and A56 Walton Road the rest are blummin awful.


Noticed a news report saying that 12,000 extra tonnes of de-icing salt has been made available by Ineos at Runcorn.... has WBC got any of it and if so can they start to treat some of the heavily used 'side' roads now please :?:wink:

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Travelled over to Birchwood last night and all the roads were fine and well gritted.

Can't say the same for Appleton where the roads are still a mess despite the thaw!


I manged to get down our frozen road at 3pm today but had to wait at the bottom cos a Carling beer wagon was stuck near the traffic lights in Stockton Heath which blocked the road. Couldn't get past cos a numpty had come the wrong way down the one way street and was stuck next to it :lol:


Then just as I thought it couldn't get any worse I got stuck on the way back near Broomfields.. wheels spinning.. large groups of horrid kids laughing and some very irate drivers just staring at me cos I was blocking the only side of the road with no parked cars :oops::oops::lol:


Got to laugh really I suppose :lol: Just hope it all doesn;t freeze tonight :shock:

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heard the distinct sound of spinning tyre earlier out and look out of the window just in time to see a large audi with front wheel drive trying to turn round in the street. he ended up drifting sideways down the street towards sankey valley and just managed to get a bit of grip to stop the slide before the rails. it was so graceful though as it slid slowly down the slight incline.


don't think i will be chancing using my car just yet.

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In fairness to the Council, they have recognised that once this lot starts to thaw there will be drainage problems and a spate of new potholes.


:lol::lol: I'm sorry but that is the funniest thing I have read all week :lol:

I'm sure that WHEN it all starts to melt it will do so at a fairly slow rate so why on earth will it cause drainage problems :?:

As for potholes well I'd rather have to dodge a few of those rather than drive on untreated roads covered in compact frozen snow and ice :wink:


Paul.. I would like to appologise :shock:


You (and of course the council) were right.

I can now see the problems with drainage with some level of thawing setting in.


For example round here where where thawed snow from roads and buildings can't reach the drains it has just ingressed (is that the right word) into the more compact snow turning it to solid ice.


And as for potholes... there are a few large ones appearing now along Dingle Way near the school.. although not on the part I was wheel spinning on when I got stuck yesterday I hasten to add:lol:


Only slid twice today so the roads must be getting better :?:roll:


Anyway.... why DO potholes suddenly appear in roads after it has been icy. (that is a serious quetion by the way) :D

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Thank you my dear Wingy.. yet again I have learnt something new from the knowledge base of the WWW posters.


One more question on the same...


The new potholes I saw were far bigger than dinner plates so would that be where a repair had previously taken place and the repair filling had been broken down or just a round crack that had expanded and popped its core.


Would the core of tarmac come out in one big piece or would it break up first to form a 'grit' like substance that is simply dispursed by passing cars :lol:

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In answer to your first, it could be either.


And your second.

The tarmac would break up into smaller pieces and then get dispersed by passing cars. Or the cars would simply break the tarmac up as it would be very brittle.


Paving slabs in gardens or on pavements can be moved in the same way. The ice can get under a flagstone and lift it slightly. When it starts to thaw, soil will drift into any space under the flagstone first. Thus leaving the flagstone uneven.

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If I may offer this explanation to your question Dizz;


Any existing holes or cracks no matter how small, take in water or snow melt. It freezes, and then expands forcing the surrounding tarmac to break up.


Adding to that, holes should never be filled in when it is raining or the roads are wet as the water will be held there and will freeze etc. etc.for the same reason and they should also be sealed to stop water getting between the joints. If these things happen, all they are, are temporary fillings. :wink: But the cheap method seems to be the norm.

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Just like to say that a section of road which has been causing major problems all week has been gritted this morning :wink::D


If anyone would like to see what grit actually looks like I have a photo :lol:


I think your photo's pre gritting were probably enough to have done the trick :wink:


I must say I found those images truly shocking! How on earth was such a busy road (and a main school run) alongside the banks of the canal not classed as a priority for gritting??? :roll::evil:

That fencing doesn't look strong enough to prevent a pushbike sliding into the canal let alone a car (or a bin wagon)!

And if there happened to be such an accident (which is certainly not unheard of on that road) how would the emergency services manage to operate in these conditions?

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