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Well, I'd have thought it a more pleasant task emptying a half-empty bin each week than emptying a full and rather stinkier one each fortnight. Not to mention that it's easier to predict the amount of refuse to collect if bins are out weekly, as opposed to randomly. Clearly, I've spent more time thinking about wheelie bins than is healthy..... :wink: but I absolutely love having a weekly refuse collection and fortnightly kerbside recycling collections. I may not be a WBC fan on many fronts, for they have many faults, but they do get a gold star for the bin service.

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No collection 31st Dec.

No collection 7th Jan.

Next " " 14th Jan.

Inky, I will still put mine out when I deem it needs emptying. As with the blue one.


I still recycle using the sites available, so my blue one doesn't get much put in it as I no longer by a daily paper.

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LP... if you only live 1/2 mile from Inky can you put his bin out for him next week so it gets emptied :lol:


Still can't see what your problem with it all is though Inky.. sorry 8)


I just hope the binmen don't know which house you live at :lol::lol::wink:

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I really don't care if they emptied it or not... as it WAS Christmas.

With the addition of the blue bin then waste has two places to go so it's definately not as bad this year as it has been in the past and as it's cold the bins don't tend to smell either.


But in answer to your question.. this year I got a sticker this year on my black bin telling me that it wouldn't be emptied... last year I didin't get a sticker... no big deal as it's always been the same at Christmas and if there is no pick up they will take excess rubbish in bags at the next pick up :roll:


PS I haven't had a sticker on my blue bin but if I see others go out then I know it must be time to put mine out (excluding of course all the numpties who leave ALL their bins out ALL of the time Grrrrr :evil: )


Christmas is the one time of the year when you CAN put extra bags out with the knowledge that they WILL be removed so make the most of it... and if your neighbours don't have any excess bags you could put even more bags next to their bins... infact you could have a really good clear out if you planned it right :wink:


No big deal :lol: Happy holidays Mr Binmen :D

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That's not very ladylike. :roll:


And just out of interest, who ever told you I was a lady? Woman yes, but believe me, I come from a long line of working class peasants! :D

Just working out the rules of combat!!!! :P:P:P:P


:shock: Rules of combat? Good grief- are you a man or a mouse! OK then, here you go:


Rule One. I will win - it's just a matter of how much I have to hurt you before you give in.


Rule Two. There is only one rule. See above.


Sorted! :twisted:


That'll keep you occupied for a bit, won't it?!

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I'd just like to add that out of the two ladies I am the more gentle one... with words :wink:


However I was once rather good at martial arts if it's ever needed :lol: Stretch.... two, three, four OUCH :oops::lol: Ok so maybe I can't kick as high as I used too but the force is still there even if it can only be aimed at a lower target :lol:

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:lol::shock: Now you are in trouble :wink:


Nah, I make allowances for those who can talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

Dismayed. You would have to be fast. :shock:


Erm, I think Dis meant I was in trouble for the remark about the Zimmers.


As you can see, Dis, there's plenty of time to make a getaway before he even catches on..... :twisted:

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Indeed my comment was aimed at you LP... Peter is just paranoid :lol:


PS Peter I can do all three... and even at the same time... :wink: Always had you down as the sort of chap who would prefer pain to be inflicted slowly though :lol:


I don't feel pain Dismayed, I blank it out.

LP are you a blonde? My post was in response to your rules of combat!!! :roll:

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Dissy wrote;

Ok you didn't forget you just chose NOT to put it out as there wasn't much in it.. therefore you obviously don't accumulate a lot of waste so what's the problem


Couldn't the council provide stickers that read "Bin Laden" so the bin men would know if it was full or not?



Hat. Coat.................................................................TAXI!

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Also the story of one woman who went out to buy the Turkey for Christmas. She got cut off by the snow, and hasn't been able to get back home to her poor old husband yet, two weeks later, hahaaaaaaaa.


The husband says, he has no electricity, and he has run out of fuel for their open fire, haaahahaa. I'd luv to be there when his wife does finally return. That would make one heck of a comedy program. Brilliant. I could imagine one or two posters from here being in that situation. :D:D

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I think our refuse team arriving with the changed collection day stickers as close as possible to Christmas is a canny ploy - hopefully see as many punters as possible and collect as many tips as they can - good luck to them all - they are always cheerful and polite and I will forgive them for failing to empty this morning - first in the 43 years we have lived here so snow accumulation must be really bad - or maybe we had the road gritted in the 1960s when the worst winter I recall was December 1962 to March 1063.

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Bin update from WBC today.....


Update: 8 January 2010, 9.50am


Refuse collections and snow clearing

Some staff have been deployed to remove side waste in various areas using transit tippers. Some staff have been deployed into snow clearing operations in priority areas as agreed with the highways team. One refuse collection vehicle is attempting to visit properties using shoot systems or with communal bin storage areas and some older people's accommodation.


Staff from Street Scene are also deployed in snow clearing operations in priority areas as agreed with highways.


Refuse collection longer term recovery - We are still working on finalising a recovery plan which will be dependant on the longer term weather situation, particularly as we understand more snow is forecast for this weekend.


We are facing three particular problems from our experience this morning - compacted snow and ice on side roads linked with parked vehicles which is making them impassable for the HGVs, frozen lids on bins and also frozen waste within bins.




At least with everything being frozen it wont start to smell :D

Kids were going to take peoples extra bags to Stockton Heath Tip on a sledges but it's shut :?

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