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DISTRICT 9 from South Africa


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My grandson saw it at the theater and acquired the DVD for me to exp;erience it. It's loud with lots of machine guns and missiles, grenades and explosives, but underneath it is a very good sci-fi think piece.


A million aliens in a mother ship from 3 light years away arrive over Johannesburg, and makes no attempt to land or interact. Our MNU (Multi-National Union) boards it and finds a million aliens who look like prawns (shrimp) suffering from lack of food and water. They get a kind of concentration camp and remain for 20 years festering. One of them, the prawn with the red vest is called Christopher Johnson. Seems to be their leader-scientist.


It's pseudo-documentary for a lot of the story -- but very compelling with elements of satire (I suppose). The main thing is -- we haven't seen South African scenery since THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY, so it was intersting to see post-Apartheid society there.

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