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Colds and flu!


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He's whinging about it - that's the main symptom of man flu! :lol: That and the need to outdo anyone else's symptoms are the main diagnostic benchmarks.... but yes, everyone seems to have some sort of sniffle or cough at the moment. Still, as it was minus seven :shock: in my back garden this morning, that should help to stop the spread.

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not had a bought of flu or a bad cold since i had my flu jab.


had the swine flu one on Monday and was ill all Tuesday with flu symptoms was fine again Wednesday. all I am waiting for now is the ache in my arm to go away where I was injected.


could be partly to do with the recession/credit crunch/whatever you want to call it. people are probably feeling more stressed and depressed than usual and so feeling the effects of even a slight cold more than they normally would.


could also be that people are working when they have colds and flu instead of staying home sick because they need the money and so spreading them around.

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Am I the only person who finds it funny that Gary thinks his flu is a National issue, not a Local concern? Defintely man flu.... :lol:


Thanks for the sympathy! I consider it to be a general issue asking whether people think more people are suffering from cold/flu symptoms and getting repeat doses of it!

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Maybe its your body telling you to STOP! Just take care of it and not worry about anything else for a while? :?:

I'm fit for nothing else!

I have almost reached a complete stop.


:cry: Didn't you have flu last year too Gary ? :cry:


Try taking Redoxon slow release vitamin C and Zinc capsules. We've been taking them and despite often feeling that the sniffles are taking hold it does seem to be keeping the more grotty symptoms at bay.


We also don't have our heating on full all the time as I'm sure it only breeds and spreads the germs.


... and finally I recon that drinking plenty of extra alcohol helps kill the germs. Most of the antibacterial hand sanitisers contain alcohol to kill germs so I am merely doing it from the inside out........ that's my excuse :lol:


Get well soon :wink:

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