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Annus Horriblis?


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Been there Indy and I know what you mean. 2006/7 were my worst years ever :cry:


Looking back on 2009 for me though it has not actualy been a particularly bad year. It's had it's little ups and downs along the way but nothing serious. Guess I am rather fortunate as I know a lot of people have had a **** year with things being as they are at the moment.


Here's hoping that 2010 is a good year for all :D

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the last six years have been bad in ways for me.

father died of cancer

mother in law died of ahlzeimers

wife had two seizures and diagnosed as hypoparathyroidism

me personally had heart attack

mother had heart attack

father in law diagnosed as having weak heart valve

lost job


but i will not say that things could be worse as that would be tempting fate.


i am alive and looking forward to the new year with indifference :lol::?:lol::twisted:

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Each year is tragic and hopeful. 2009 was a struggle for me financially but not a terrible year. After reading every one else's posts I count myself lucky and my heart goes out to those that have had losses. Saying I understand would not lighten the loss.


But as Lymm says - having this forum and all you wonderful people to interact with made it a whole lot better! Looking forward to 2010 :)

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