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My grandson saw this in a special preview with Tarantino answering questions earlier this year. My g-son thought it was the best film of 2009.


He obtained the DVD Blu-Ray of it today, as soon as it was released and we watched together in our living room.


I have to agree. It is the best American film of 2009 easily. It is T's best work and I loved the two Kill Bills. The death count is lower than Bills, but still pretty graphic. The wonder of it is the music, crisp dialog, excellent cinamatography and outstanding actors. It's a crowd pleaser. And if you see it, it begins with a sub-title: Once Upon a Time. So you know it isn't a documentary.

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That is why I attempted to emphasize it begins with Once Upon a Time. It is a fantasy, a wishful fantasy.


But your point is well taken. Kids today don't grow up with fairy tales, do they? Did the first Star Wars begin with Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.... ? Do kids think that is a history lesson?


In one sense this film will teach children that not all peoples of the world speak English -- at least in the 1940s they didn't.


The new world reality is that fact and fiction are no longer clear. Fictional news, speculation, rumours, nonsense fill the media these days. Every week I receive emails of phony news announcements carefully written to elicit an emotional response in favor of some idiotic political agenda. This week the big one was a phony Associated Press story with photos of Tiger Woods and Al

Sharpton in which Sharpton denounces Tiger's list of mistresses not including any darker shades of skin color. The person who forwarded it to me insisted it was a true news story. No. It was an Urban Legend. A concocted story that had a certain agenda. A lie repeated over and over thousands of times. (Aaaarrrggghhhh!)

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